HP Envy 5012 Printer is Offline

Offline errors are more familiar among HP Envy 5012 printer access and can be easily rectified using the below steps. Connect through the given directives step-by-step until you see the printer in an active state.

HP Envy 5012 Print and Scan Doctor

  1. Try to obtain the new version of HP Print & Scan Doctor for your Windows 10, 8 and 7 devices using the Official HP Page.
  2. Run the downloaded HP Print & Scan Doctor .exe file to open it.
  3. Now, try to add the printer device using the list of available printer devices.
  4. If you can’t find your HP Envy 5012 printer in the list, try to restart your printer.
  5. Now, try to restore the connection and turn OFF the devices. Now, plug in again and start the printer.

HP Envy 5012 Default Printer Setup

  1. You can get this error when you have added multiple printer devices or any driver installation.
  2. Try to change the printer to default and attempt the print work to ensure printer access.
  3. Eventually check the power cord or network connection.
  4. Select the HP Envy 5012 printer to set it as the Default printer.
  5. Attempt the print work, still you face the same offline issues, try to use the below two methods.

Disable Firewall Software

As good as Disabling Firewall Software it protects from threats from outside, but eventually it can block the network communication of your printer. Simply, disable the Firewall software by using the HP Print & Scan Doctor to clear out the HP Envy 5012 printer not detected or not found. Select the desired network from the HP Print & Scan Doctor >pick the troubleshooting firewall> Disable the status. Wait for the successful installation to get the support from the firewall software that permits the security levels, & trusted zone and allows the HP Software & Website interactions.

Uninstall HP Envy 5012 Driver

You can expect some incorrect or incomplete software installation process that can end up in all these issues. If you are using a USB cable to interface the printer and system, then disconnect the USB cables from your HP Envy 5012 printer. Find the programs and features in the active windows to pick Programs & Features> select the HP Printer using the list of installed programs. Confirm with uninstalling to check the printer has not found issues. Now, track the given on-screen to uninstall the HP Driver & Software & finally restart the system.

 HP Envy 5012 Update the Printer Firmware

  1. Sometimes, updating the printer firmware can solve certain issues including offline issues.
  2. Where printers with ePrint button/icon: Hit the HP ePrint icon>setting or setup> pick the product update/check the product update.
  3. Text-based printer: Hit Setup/Service using the settings menuPick Preferences>printer maintenance >web services.
  4. While the process of signing-in, try to accept the Terms & Conditions by ticking the checkbox and tract the on-screen.
  5. Finally, enable the web services and setup for Automatic updates. Use options like Check for updates.

HP Envy 5012 Re-install the Printer Software

  1. Initially, reinstall the printing Software to escape from the errors that have been noted during the installation procedure.
  2. Just unplug all your USB cables on your HP Envy 5012 printer to resolve Offline issues.
  3. Look for Program & Features using your windows settings and select your HP Software using the available list and uninstall it.
  4. Restart the system once and reinstall the HP Printer Software.
  5. Even you can use the installation disc or CD that has been attached to the printer purchase or directly from HP Official website.