Why is My hp Envy 6000 WiFi Light Blinking?

Is your HP Envy 6000 printer’s wifi light blinking? Don’t worry as you can resolve it without much hassle. Through this blog, you will get to know the reason behind the blinking wifi light and how to fix it. Additionally, you will also get the method for how to connect the Envy printer to the wifi network, and how to connect the printer using HP Smart App and Wi-Fi protected setup.

Why Your hp Envy 6000 WiFi Light is Blinking?

Here are some of the reasons why the HP Envy 6000 printer’s wifi light is blinking:

  • The wireless router has any faults.
  • The wireless network is inactive or had a poor signal.
  • The HP 6000 printer is in sleep/offline/standby mode.
  • The wireless router and Envy printer are not close to each other. If the printer and router are far away from each other, then it might block the signal strength.
  • Ensure the printer is not near the cordless phone emitting radio signals, microwave, or any other heat-producing objects. It’s because this can block the interference connection.

How to fix an HP Envy 6000 WiFi Light Blinking

The instructions to fix the HP Envy 6000 printer’s wifi light blinking problem are:

  • Unplug the power cord from the Envy printer and electric port.
  • Wait for some time and ensure the power cord does not have any problem.
  • Connect the power cord to the HP 6000 printer and electric port.
  • Activate the electric port and HP Envy 6000 printer.
  • Wait for the printer to become active.
  • Once the HP Envy 6000 printer becomes active, ensure the wifi light blinking problem is not there.
  • Finally, try printing with the HP Envy 6000 printer.

If you require any guidance in implementing this method then visit our HP Envy 6000 troubleshooting steps, feel free to contact us.

How To Connect HP envy 6000 to Wifi Network?

The procedure for the HP Envy 6000 series connect to wifi is:

  • Activate the wifi router, computer, and HP Envy 6000 printer.
  • Then, ensure the wifi network is stable in the router.
  • Make sure the wifi network is the same on the computer and wifi router.
  • Choose the shown setup option given on the Envy printer.
  • Then, select the network settings menu and choose the wifi settings option.
  • A list of wifi networks will appear on the Envy 6000 printer.
  • Select the preferred wifi network and proceed with the on-screen steps.
  • Enter the wifi network security code and finish the process.

Connect Using HP Smart App/Software

After the Wi-Fi setup mode, download and install the HP Smart App – 123.hp.com on the computer. The simple instructions to add the printer to the HP Envy 6000 printer using the HP Smart App/software are:

  • Firstly, place the Envy 6000 printer and computer close to the wifi router.
  • Activate the wifi on the computer and connect it to the wifi router.
  • Download and install the HP Smart App software on the computer.
  • After that, enable the Bluetooth of the computer to activate the HP Smart App or software to identify the HP Envy 6000 printer.
  • Open the HP Smart App or software and choose – Add printer. Now, select your Envy printer from the list. Continue with the on-screen instructions and complete the process.

If still you are unable to connect the printer to the computer, try using the Wi-Fi-protected setup method.

Connect Using WiFi protected setup

The simple procedure to connect the HP 6000 printer to the wifi network using Wi-Fi protected setup method is as:

  • Keep the HP Envy 6000 printer close to the wifi router.
  • Access the Envy printer and press the power & Wi-Fi buttons for 5 seconds until the blue light starts flashing.
  • Then, access the wifi router and press & hold the WPS button until the connection begins.
  • Now, you have to wait for the printer’s wifi light to stop flashing.


We believe that with the above-mentioned methods, you can resolve the HP Envy 6000 printer wifi light blinking problem easily and quickly. If you have any doubts about this or facing problems while implementing this method, feel free to reach our expert team. Our team of experts will work closely with you and resolve the issue,