How To Fix Windows 10 HP Printer Driver Is Unavailable Issue?

The HP printer is one of the most important devices in the office and at home as well. The HP printer is known for its excellence in the print industry and has been the most trustworthy and reliable product in the business world. Most offices will opt for an HP printer because of its quality output. But, it is only common that the printer might face common issues from time to time and there is no need to panic when such an incident takes place. It is also important to know that the quality of the printer will not be diminished just because of the common printer issue that has occurred. Some of the common issues you would face are the printer is offline, the driver being unavailable, and incompatibility of the HP printer with Windows 10.

What do the Windows 10 printer driver's available error mean?

When you as an HP user face an issue such as the HP printer driver being unavailable it is an indication that the driver is either missing or it is corrupted. To be able to proceed hassle-free without any issues further the printer driver will have to be downloaded once again. The HP printer driver always is in a proper working condition without causing any issues to the normal functioning of the printer.

Why is my HP printer driver unavailable?

The printer driver is unavailable because the driver installed on the device is either corrupted or there seems to be an issue with it. There could also be an issue of incompatibility between the Windows device and the printer.

Effective Solutions to fic the HP printer driver unavailable Windows 10 Error

If you are facing issues with the Windows 10 Printer Driver in Unavailable error, then the issue with the printer driver should be resolved, either by updating the driver, reinstalling the driver, or other measures should be taken.

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Solution 1: Update your Windows 10

One of the most common issues with the printer driver indicating an error could be that the Windows device is not updated. So, to resolve these issues, update the Windows device at once and resolve the issue of the printer driver being unavailable.

  1. Power up the Windows device and click the Windows icon on the printer.
  2. Following this, choose the control panel or the Settings app.
  3. Click the Check for Updates option to check if there are any updates available for the device.
  4. If there is an update available, complete the update process at once.

Following this, make sure you restart the device and proceed to use the printer without any issues.

Solution 2: Uninstalling the printer

There are two options that you can opt to use when there is a printer driver issue. The two options are: uninstalling the printer and related software from the system that is connected to the printer and try to reinstall the drivers and applications again on the device and connecting it to the printer.

  1. Power up the device and open the Settings app to access the printer’s control panel.
  2. A list of the available printers will be available. Locate the HP printer that has an issue from the list.
  3. Right-click the printer from the list and locate the option that indicates “Remove device.”
  4. Then, open the Service app and locate the printer driver and uninstall it from the device.
  5. If there are other apps connecting the printer and the device, install them by deleting the application.
  6. Remove any connections between the printer and the Windows device.
  7. Ensure the printer is not connected between the wireless connection and a USB cable.
  8. This will remove all connections between the HP printer and the Windows device.

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Solution 3: Reinstalling the latest drivers manually

The printer driver can be downloaded back onto the device. For this, the below instructions will assist in the process. The printer driver can be downloaded manually on the device. Use the following instructions mentioned below to resolve the HP printer issues by downloading the HP printer driver on the device.

Before going ahead with the installation of the HP printer driver back on the device, make sure the instructions mentioned below are followed accurately and that the driver is only downloaded from the HP Support official website.

  1. Power up the HP printer and the Windows device that the printer is connected to.
  2. Following this, make sure the printer has an active wireless connection.
  3. Move over to the device and choose a preferred browser and enter the details of the HP Support website.
  4. The details of the printer should be entered on the website, such as the name of the printer and the details of the operating system.
  5. Based on the details that have been entered on the printer, the printer driver will be downloaded.
  6. Complete the process of installing the HP printer on the Windows device.
  7. After this, ensure the printer is set as the default printer. Once the changes have been made, the issues with the printer will be resolved.

You can contact us for further assistance to resolve issues with the HP printer driver unavailable issue at any time.

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